About Us:


Christian, the owner and operator of DFWDrone.com, has always been passionate about aviation. He first pursued his pilot’s license in 2005 but as the costs of operating traditional aircraft continued to increase he sought a more affordable means of quenching his daily thirst for flight.

After discovering First Person View (FPV) – a hobby in which R/C aircraft, cars, or boats are piloted remotely via video-downlink he knew he had found a viable alternative. FPV allows for safe flights at low altitude and confined spaces – places traditional aircraft can’t (or shouldn’t) go.

Eventually, the quest to fly further at low altitude led him to pursue his amateur radio license. As an amateur radio operator, Christian possesses the knowledge and skills to maintain solid control of the Aircraft at long-range even in high RF-noise environments (think Urban Wi-Fi). A license is required to utilize the majority of the equipment that we operate.

Most recently the culmination of all these interests led Christian to form DFWDrone.com In a time when the word “drone” sparks discussions about civil liberties and outright bans we aim to show the positive (and potentially commercial) aspects that these craft have to offer.